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We visit the gasification and waste transfer station at Chinglebraes on the outskirts of Kirkwall. This used to be the site of Orkney’s municipal waste incinerator, which was forced to close in 1996 due to the need for cleaner emissions. New units incinerate cattle from the over thirty-six months cull scheme, which was introduced following the BSE crisis.

The waste transfer station collects and bales Orkney’s household waste before shipment to Shetland. Tracy, who has lived in Orkney for about 10 years, says working in the islands can be very challenging as many issues they deal with are relatively unique, due to the remote location and difficulties and expense of shipping. One of the most contentious issues in recent years was the new waste water treatment works at the Head of Work, Kirkwall. The Scottish executive identified the waters around Kirkwall, Lerwick in Shetland and Stornoway in the Western Isles as less sensitive areas, which allowed water authorities to carry out comprehensive studies in areas of high natural dispersion to try to show that primary treatment works would be adequate.

While the Google penalty removal service studies in Shetland and the Western Isles were both accepted, SEPA rejected the study for Kirkwall on certain criteria. It was assumed that a primary treatment plant would be sufficient at the Head of Work, but studies proved that a secondary plant was needed. Another area of local contention was the granting of a consent to the Orkney Creamery, which produces award-winning Orkney cheese.

Companies who produce strong effluents would be charged heavily by NoSWA for discharging to the sewer. For the cheese factory this was an uneconomical option so they applied to SEPA for consent to discharge direct into the sea from their own outfall. Issues such as these are dealt with by SEPA by working as closely with other agencies as possible – a key part of working in a small community. These include Orkney Islands Council, local police, NoSWA, Scottish Natural Heritage and businesses.

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ABP is focused on securing the future of its South-West ports and developing their business. These investments clearly show to our customers that ABP Plymouth and Teignmouth are prepared and ready to meet the challenges of 21st Century shipping in order to help them grow their own business. In February, HHRT was granted the authority to handle uncleared containers after being awarded Inland Rail Depot status by Her Majesty s Customs & Excise.Facebook Advertisement Services

Associated British Ports’ (ABP’s) South-West ports continue to look to the future with optimism, as the port company reports encouraging growth in the first half of the year at its Port of Plymouth – following the completion of a £4.3 million investment to cater for Brittany Ferries’ new superferry, Pont Aven – and the Secretary of State has allowed ABP’s application for its proposed £4 million quay-reconstruction project at the Port of Teignmouth to go ahead.

The superferry, with its superior facilities and improved crossing time, has had a positive impact on the volume of freight traffic handled at Plymouth. website seo sydney Equally, the number of ferry passengers using Plymouth has risen by nearly 8 per cent in the first six months of 2004 compared to the same period last year. invest 1 million to purchase a fifth reachstacker, along with the construction of additional container storage space.

Plymouth continues to be an attractive destination for cruise-ship visits and this year has had visits from a number of cruise ships including Sea Cloud II, Noordam, Rotterdam and Insignia.ABP Connect s Freight-Forwarding department, based in Immingham, has experienced a buoyant six months through winning new business.Containers are now able to pass straight through to the terminal, creating a more efficient service for customers, and helping to relieve congestion at the major ports.

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Just over 10 years after Starbucks opened its first British branch, the nation now boasts more than 3,000 branded coffee shops.The research group Allegra Strategies predicts the store count will keep growing at 9 per cent a year, rising above 6,000 outlets within a decade, creating an industry that generates an annual turnover of more than £2.5bn. Some in the industry are even more ambitious, with management at Whitbread, the owner of Costa Coffee, saying there is scope for the chain to grow to more than 1,000 outlets by 2010, from 560 currently.

Those projections are at odds with the views of many seo agency sydney commentators, who have long been claiming that the capital’s premium coffee market is nearing saturation point. While industry insiders dismiss that concern, they concede that companies will have to start looking further afield for growth. Much of the future expansion will come from rural areas, where independent operators still have the upper hand. That prospect has alarmed campaigners who fear Britain is becoming a nation of clone towns with identikit high streets.

They continue to have a bigger slice of the market than any of the chains, with a combined 38 per cent share against Starbucks and Costa Coffee on 24 per cent each. But Allegra’s survey reveals that just 12 per cent of consumers picked an independent as their vendor of choice. effrey Young, Allegra’s managing director, says that small operators should be in a strong position to fight their corner, as convenience of location is the biggest single factor on where consumers choose to drink their lattes.

But he argues that they have been naive, believing that personal service alone will be enough to keep the market leaders at bay. The big brands, meanwhile, have created a totally new market in the last decade simply by cutting out the clutter. The large operators tend to be better run and better managed, so an independent needs to be offering something exceptional to stand out.